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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Arrival!!!!

*Sassy Posh* SOLD!

This shade is black in colour, this is soooo Sienna Miller & Beyonce..Irreplaceable huh?

RM15 only!

Includes Sunnies Casing & Cloth too!STEAL!!

*Rocking Rebel*

Black colour, suits oval-shaped face.Katherine Heigl and Alicia Keys kinds of sunnies!


Includes Sunnies Casing & Cloth! :)

*Retro Baby*

Suits rounded-shaped face as people with rounded face usually want the illusion of a longer face. Thus, squarish frames will offset the roundness. Can be worn with your vintage dress babe! Celeb like Kristen Dunst, Fergie have similar face shape. They look superr amazing with this type of one of them!


Incules Sunnies Casing & Cloth!

*Hush Hush*

This shade is in brown colour, suits heart-shaped face like Vanessa Hudgens and Reese Witherspoon..Totally adorable!


Includes Sunnies Casing & Cloth too!yipee!

*Hampton Glam* - Reserved

Brown colour, suits long-shaped face as wide frames will offset your proportions. Wear it with your skinny jeans & simple baby-T..AMAZING!


Includes Sunnies Casing & Cloth!


Black colour.. suits long-shaped face like Jennifer Love-Hewitt.. :)


Includes Sunnies Casing & Cloth! AWESOMENESS!

*All Eyes On Me*

Suits the name as this black sunnies is totally hot for those with squarish-shaped faces like Nicole Richie & Lily Allen..Grab their style without burning your cash yay! :)


Includes Sunnies Casing & Cloth too!

*Sunday's Best*

Brown eyeglass frame, suits heart & oval-shaped face. Wear this shade with floral blouse & tight! Cutie pie!! heee~~


Includes Shades Casing & Cloth :)


*Ladies & Gentleman*

This adorable couple chain is perfect for all gfs & bfs out there! this chain is superb-ly cute and made from good for you and one for your loved one! Spread some love darl!

RM10 per set! OMG!

Box is included!yipee!

RM10 per set

Box is included

*Boys Like Girls*SOLD!

RM10 per set

Box is included
Pls click on the pic for bigger view :)

*Little Miss Lovely*SOLD!

RM10 per set
Box is included


OMG! Our personal fav! cute-ness!!

RM10 per set

Box is included

*Madly In Love*

Rm10 per set

Box is included

*High School Lover*

There is a magnet attached to their hands..Together forever! :)

RM10 per set

Box is included

*Moo Moo* SOLD!

Arghh!! Super cute!! Grab them now!

RM10 per set

Box is included

*Sweetie Pie* SOLD!

RM10 per set

Box is included

*Gingerbread* SOLD!

RM10 per set

Box is included

This CHARMIES are made from high quality silver. We have plenty cute designs to choose from. They can be worn with your charm bracelet or as a pendant with your necklace!


You dont have to spend a lot of money to look sweet & delicious.. this necklace will look amazing on you! trust us!

RM10 (necklace is included!)

We scream yeay!!

*Butterfly Collection*

Assorted colours and shapes for your perfect Butterfly Park collection!

To purchase, juz inform us which want do u like

From left, red is B1(SOLD), turquoise is B2 and so on..

B3 & B6-SOLD!

Available: blue butterfly,white butterfly and pink 2nd for right.

RM10 for the necklace and pendant! :)

From left : *Blue Sunnyshines*, *Under My Umbrella*SOLD!, *Classic Floral* and *Tote*

RM10 (necklace is included)

*Lollipop Candy Collection*

From left num L1, red with green ribbon is L2 and soo on..

Rm10 includes necklace & pendant :)


*Blue Blossom*SOLD!

This squarish bangle is IN nowadays! You can wear them with anything and yet look sooo stylish!Trust us on this! This bangle is made from very very good quality and doesnt break easily :)

Super cheap!!

*Blue Blossom*

*Blue Blossom* Closer view


Squarish bangle with floral motif

My fav!



*Pearl* SOLD!

This rounded bangle is suitable for any occasions and you can wear them at your forearm or wrist.. grab now! :)


*Red Devil*SOLD!


*Red Devil*

*Mocha Cherry*

This rounded shape bangle made from good material and has smooth surface

All eyes on this one! :)


*Mocha Cherry* Closer view

RM10 each! STEAL!!


*Pin-Me-Up* Miscellaneous Collection

Create your own bag,baby-t or even wear it with your hair scarf..dont afraid to look good! be as creative as you can huney! :)

To order,pls inform us which want do u like,from LEFT is PMU1(umbrella),followed by PMU2(dress)-SOLD!, 3(heart)SOLD! and 4(shoes)-SOLD!

1 for RM2.50 amazing-ly cheap!

*Pin-Me-Up* Food & Lady Bird Collection

From left, PMU5(apple)-SOLD!, 6 (watermelon)-SOLD!, 7 ( strawberry), 8 (lady bird)

1 for RM2.50

*Pin-Me-Up* Vehicle Collection

From LEFT, PMU9 (aeroplane), 10 (pink aeroplane)-SOLD! , 11 (pink school bus) & 12 (purple school bus)

1 for RM2.50!!

*Pin-Me-Up* Fauna Collection

From Left PMU13(pink lady bird), 14 (blue lady bird)-SOLD!, 15 (fish), 16 (cute pink lady bird), 17 (bear)SOLD!, 18 (sheep) and 19 (dragonfly)-SOLD!

1 for RM2.50!!


*Pin-Me-Up* Doll Collection

From left PMU20 (white gipsy), 21 (girl)-RESERVED, 22 (doll with orange ribbon), 23 (ladies), 24 (pink gipsy), 25 (doll with pink ribbon)

1 for RM2.50

*Pin-Me-Up* Back View

*Pin-Me-Up* on baby-T :)

*Pin-Me-Up* Ribbon Collection

From Left, PMU26 (blue ribbon), 27 (black)-SOLD, 28 (white), 29 (pink), 30 (lollipop)

1 for RM2.50


*Victorian Hair Clip*

Awesome material and colours! Just clip your hair as picture above, and you are ready to go! Easy pizy and looks presentable :)

Rm5 im lovin it!!

Closer View

Looking Gorgeous!


*Sassy Blair*

This hair band is soooo Blair..Grab them fast! :)


*Sassy Blair*

Assorted colours

Blue- SOLD
Grey- SOLD
1 for RM5


*My Friend In The Closet*

Top material wooden hanger that suits every wardrobe..its soooo one of a kind & sooo IKEA!Hurry! While stocks last!

1 for RM5

above Green 1 -SOLD
below Green 2 -SOLD

above blue 1-SOLD
below blue 2-SOLD

above floral 1-SOLD
center floral 2-SOLD
below floral 3-SOLD
1 for RM5!



Drawstring bag that includes long and short strap!Amazing bright colours! There is a ribbon on the bag itself! Cute!You can put your books, magazine and still have plenty spaces for your purse, handphone, make-up thingy and others.
Colours available:

Purple- Sold out!

Electric yellow-Available

Electric blue- Available
RM35!! Steal!!!!

Electric yellow! awesome!!

*Electric blue*


*Mirror Mirror In My Hand*

Wooden mirror that is sooo hard to resist..2 shapes available: heart and round

4 colours available:



Yellow- SOLD

Green- SOLD


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